Favourite coffee places

Favourite coffee places

Explained by Evan: Coffee

You can tell a lot about a cafe by the beans and equipment used.  My favourite beans are Five Senses and Seven Seeds. Dare I say it but it is tough to fault a Synesso or ‘good’ La Marzocco machine. To me, the moment you’re presented with it and get that first sip you know if you’ve got a winner. I drink Flat Whites as there is no where to hide, but those that know me best will hear “Magic” as my main order and I’m glad it’s becoming more popular.  Simply it’s a smaller, stronger coffee also known as a double ristretto flat white in a slightly smaller 160ml mug.

I’ve quite enjoyed the cup served up by Nowandnotyet which is two doors down from us, and I’ve enjoyed the 7 minute walk up to Warrandyte Café when I’ve had a slightly bigger break and needed to work on my daily steps. Next on the radar is the local favourite – Cocoa Moon.

This is Melbourne after all, and that means there is a wide selection of places, but here are my favourites.

  • Top Paddock, Richmond
  • Short Round, Thornbury
  • Proud Mary, Collingwood
  • The Bell Jar, Clifton Hill
  • Axil, Hawthorn
  • Chez Dre, South Melbourne
  • Brother Baba Budan, CBD
  • The Premises, Kensington

On my hit list:

  • Patricia, CBD
  • Addict, Fitzroy

Look after yourself.

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