Help Me Remember!

Help Me Remember!

We love giving out exercises and stretches! They help for the majority of your week and can empower patients to look after themselves. More than anything we love honesty, and when our patients come in and say they forgot their exercises – we know there’s an extra step that has been missed.

How can you remember them?

  • Calendar reminders with pop ups
  • Notes section to record duration or number of repetitions
  • Ye olde pen and paper – make grids, boxes to tick
  • Family and friends serve as fantastic naggers, partners are my favourite spies to prod you every night!

Habits are hard to form and can sometimes take up to 6 months.

We need goals!

There is a reason people book a fun run or event in advance, it encourages you to train in the lead up. Who would have thought that this training is part of the fun? You are getting better with every step, your motivation improves so what you have completed doesn’t go to waste. The hardest thing is often straight after the event. Motivation can drop off, and now you’ve completed that goal.

Write the goal down, define it. I want to fit into a bikini by December 1st. Revisit this daily, regardless of the fact I’d look silly in a bikini. If you need to make an event in your calendar to send you an email or notification, why not use the available technology? Google recognised this and added a feature to their calendar (which runs my life).


Remember to keep it fun and varying, have a few ideas and cycle through them. By nature, humans need change and variety to stay motivated! I strongly advise you to motivate those around you, find a friend to exercise with – it’s much harder to snooze your alarm than let your friend down

You’re no longer a spectator. Set a goal, enlist a friend, mark it on your calendar, and have some fun.

Look after yourselves,


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