Osteopathy is a form of manual healthcare which recognises the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Osteopaths focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function as a holistic unit.

Using skilled evaluation, diagnosis and a wide range of hands-on techniques, osteopaths can identify important types of dysfunction in your body. Osteopathic treatment uses techniques such as stretching and massage for general treatment of the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) along with mobilisation of specific joints and soft tissues.

Male physiotherapist assisting senior man to stretch his hand in the medical office
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Osteopathy can help with a multitude of concerns including:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Headaches
  • Pregnancy related pain
  • Hip, knee and ankle issues
  • Work related strains and injuries
  • Treatment for children and babies
  • Chronic pain
  • Sports injuries

In Australia, osteopaths are university trained in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general medical diagnosis and osteopathic techniques. Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners and are trained to recognise conditions which require medical referral. They are also trained to perform standard medical examinations of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. For more information including specific areas of the body please go to Osteopathy Australia.

Our massage services

Massage, like people, comes in many shapes and sizes. It's important to discuss your specific needs or concerns with your therapist. Our massage therapist offers the following treatments:

  • Therapeutic massage - target particular areas or restriction in your muscles
  • Relaxation massage - reduce stress, pamper yourself
  • Sports massage - ease muscle pain from workouts or prepare for the big event!
  • Soft tissue massage - lighter massage through the superficial layers
  • Deep tissue massage - firm, deeper massage
  • Maintenance massage - general workover for past problem areas
  • Corporate massage - stress relief for work periods or environments (on/off site)

Margit is available on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday all day.

We offer Corporate packages, as stressful periods or environments can be significantly improved with massage therapy. We encourage you to contact us to tailor something that will work for you or your employees. Travel to your workplace, assistance at team building or event days are the most common requests.